5 signs that your farm needs help


5 signs that your farm needs help!

1) The soil is really dry and hard or hard to break apart. This is an indicator that your soil isn’t holding water as well as it should for when it’s really needed.

2) It’s really sticky and like clay. Your soil has poor drainage which is an indicator that your calcium and magnesium balance might not be quite right.

3) There are no earthworms in the soil. Worms are attracted to healthy soil and they play a major role in converting large pieces of organic matter into rich humus which improves soil fertility.

4) Facial eczema is a problem. This means that your soil pH is low and it favours fungi. The balance between bacteria and fungus needs to be addressed.

There are ‘piss patches’ around the paddocks.
This shows there’s not enough calcium and magnesium in the soil to make true proteins. Non-Protein Nitrogen is high and as a defence mechanism the animals turn it into Blood Urea Nitrogen so it doesn’t get absorbed into milk or meat.

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