Clean and Green! Yeah Right!



Clean and green! Yeah right!

Serious diseases like facial eczema are a common sight on typical New Zealand farms and as a result more and more chemicals are being placed into our food chain to combat them.

The questions every person should be asking is why are these diseases happening? What are the consequences of pumping chemicals into food production systems to combat a situation that is showing no signs of diminishing? How’s this for a thought provoking headline.

Women in agriculture at highest risk of leukaemia.
Agricultural workers have the highest incidence of leukemia of all New Zealand occupation groups, probably because of their exposure to chemicals, the Massey University's public health specialists have found.

Why is it that more and more organic farmers are reporting that they are seeing a lot less of these common problems while the conventional farmers are being plagued with animal health issues all year round – after all the chemicals they are applying are supposed to be helping aren’t they?

Is New Zealand really the clean green place we claim it is? Marketers make much of our perceived clean and green image but behind the scenes increasing amounts of man made chemicals are polluting a system that has worked harmoniously without mans interference for millions of years. Now before you write this article off as the ranting of a hippy trying to make a point ponder this, why is it that Fonterra are advertising for organic suppliers with the headline “spot the cow that earns a premium”? Is it because with fewer inputs and fewer animal health problems an organic farmer can still make a profit from a $4.55 payout while traditional farmers will be struggling to break even?

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