Diseases we see today are caused by chemicals


The diseases we see today are caused by the chemicals we expose ourselves and our animals to. Why attempt to cure ourselves by adding more chemicals to the mix when there are alternatives which work?

My name is John Godwin and I am writing this article to discuss the toxins and incompatible practices, in farming. It is clear that good farming requires healthy, contented animals and people. Most of you understand this. But to achieve this we also need to understand certain processes that will eventually bring about a dynamic change for the better on your land. This will lead to a more sustainable farm, less expenses and more value in your stock, and of course more abundance for you, the farmer. I am not a farmer myself and it is not my intention to tell you how to do your job, but I believe we have something of great value to offer you.

I work as an Isopath which is a branch of Homoeopathy. In Isopathy we remove the toxins in people and animals by identifying and removing them by using vibrational remedies and methods of broadcasting frequencies (like radio waves) over ourselves, our animals and our land.

Toxic algal blooms - one of the many signs of our negligence to environmental health

The fact is we are fundamentally poisoned. Each year we put on to New Zealand soils 3 to 4000 metric tones of poison! In each area of the country these poisons penetrate and pollute the ground, the water table underneath, and 50 or so years later we see the toxic algal blooms in the sea, lakes and rivers across the country. Toxic algal bloom is a result of fertilizer run off, to begin with, and then toxins added to this mix cause an outcome which increases the problem. There are a number of different algal blooms around our country depending on what sprays are used consistently, in each area. If we stopped the process initiating the problem, right now, the blooms could still be evident, 50 years from now, as nature takes its course of repair. The blooms have a lot to do with ignorance and unwise Government policies. The kind of irresponsible policies that also resulted in unwise medical practices, for example, mercury in our teeth and fluoride in our water.

The day-to-day chemicals we are exposed to, are actually impacting on our genetic make up

Just like our surrounding environment we too are being severely poisoned. Besides the acute exposure to poisons we also have the genetically passed toxins from our predecessors. The phenomenon of humans passing on toxic information via their genes or DNA is known as a miasmic condition.

A miasm is an inherited toxic condition passed on to our children, and on down the family line. All miasms continue down this genetic family history for seven generations. The severity of the genetic toxicity effect peaks around the third to fourth generation. This is true of animals also.

This is not an attempt to be a preacher, but in your bible it states in exodus 34 “the sins of the fathers are visited on the children to the third and fourth generation”. In those far off days this was the extent of the physical illness they could see on the body – as in the obvious signs of skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema. Today we can measure miasms to the seventh generation! Miasms are active from the bottom of the connective tissue within the body system. Connective tissue is that type of body tissue which by its structure holds all the cells together – like a spider web. There are currently eighteen miasms – or genetically inherited disease conditions – that have been identified. This is considerably more in number than was apparent in previous centuries – as documented by those civilizations academically advanced in medicine and science. If you have twelve of these 18 miasms then two thirds of every poison that you are exposed to and entering into your blood stream, is absorbed into the connective tissue and only one third will be eliminated. The proportion of the eighteen miasms you receive from your genetic lines determines how strong your constitution is at birth and the severity of any illness you are likely to develop during your lifetime. For example, if you are fortunate enough to inherit say 2 or 3 miasms, then you are likely to have a relatively strong constitution with a large resistance to illness and effects from any toxins you are exposed to.

If, on the other hand, your parents were generous enough to donate, say, 12 miasms – you can expect all hell to break loose when you pick up a simple cold. You will very likely have a weakened immune system and you will be plagued by severe effects from any poison or illness you are exposed to. This is the reason why everyone reacts so differently when exposed to the same pathogens. Miasms are therefore the precursor to disease. They govern the state of illness in an individual by the number of miasms he has. All of us should perhaps sing to our parents “thank you very much for your kind donation”.

There is a reason for the growing number of cases of arthritis, eczema, asthma and common diseases

Poisons alter the genes inside the cells giving rise to the varied types of diseases. They can then become genetic conditions through the conception process, for example, arthritis, eczema, asthma, etc.

All sickness starts from poisons, even the common cold. All altered genes produce aberrant cells which are reproduced by the division of cells into daughter cells. These aberrant cells thus give us chronic illnesses like cancers and autoimmune diseases that cannot be cured by contemporary medical methods. The drugs and contemporary methods of treatment used may suppress the symptoms of a disease but more often than not, don’t cure it.

In man and animals, poisons have a huge effect on health. Some of the reasons specifically we will discuss as we go on.

The human digestive system is designed to process organic foods!

The human system is charged with negative ions, the exception is the gut lining. This is charged with positive ions. We have evolved into this over millennia because the food we ate was naturally organic i.e. not chemically treated and was therefore charged with negative ions. Introducing negatively charged, natural food to a positively charged gut meant we could digest and absorb all the nutrients in our food.

Sprayed or genetically modified food, or any food altered by chemical interference is positively charged – which means, as we all learnt in chemistry at school, 2 like poles repel, we are therefore rejecting our food the minute we take it into our mouths. Our ability to absorb the nutrients, whatever is left of them in the chemically treated food, is minimal. This is as true of our animals and stock as it is of us.

The animals in our food chain are being affected in the same way

The rule of miasmas is also as true in animals – particularly where we as humans have interfered in their lifestyle, habitat or where we are farming them and exposing them to chemically sprayed pastures. The animals will show the same reactions as we do. There is an alarming increase in complex diseases like cancers and neurological disorders affecting both domestic and farmed animals.

"Super-phosphate from the pacific contains radiation - most New Zealanders have heavy levels or radiation throughout their systems."

When we look at specific poisons we can see that super-phosphate from the Pacific Islands contains radiation. Radiation is one of the most dangerous poisons, as it is all carcinogenic, or cancer forming. Most New Zealanders have heavy levels of radiation through their systems. Most farm animals have the same. This does not mean they glow in the dark. But rather it does not do anything positive to their contentment and will eventually produce problems like hormonal abnormalities. All poisons have half lives. Radiation half live can last as long as thousands to millions of years. Initially radiation affects the blood, lowering the blood immunity and giving rise to blood conditions such as the 7 strains of bovine leukemia, and human T cell leukemia in humans. Because the blood is the living fertilizer for every cell in the body it stands to reason that the blood must be in as healthy a state as possible before any other system can recover from illness.

Let’s consider for the moment the practice of using synthetically prepared chemical pour-ons for the treatment of intestinal and external parasites. The central nervous system of any living mammal includes the brain and spinal cord. By the very nature of how a poison is absorbed into the body – that is via the blood stream – when you pour a chemical along the spine of an animal , the poison will be absorbed into the blood, feeding the spinal cord and brain. Chemicals are not selective about which organs they are meant to attack.

I had the pleasure of an interesting conversation with a sales rep from Farmlands about how pour-ons work. Her explanation was the product was poured along the spine, it travels down either side of the animals coat, then is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream, taking out both external and internal parasites.

When I asked if the product was poisonous the rep said of course there is a poison quality in the product. Then I said that the brain includes the spine so what happens when the poison enters the brain. The answer was Uh – well – err – I’m thinking – um – well – er – I think – ah – it doesn’t hurt them. I asked – how do you know? She replied would you like to contact Fort Dodge on Google Search – the manufacturers. Well I think this interlude speaks for itself. The practice may explain why the animals seek to eat willow bark. Poisons such as these pour-ons create a reaction in the body resulting in inflammation of organs like the brain causing headaches and other symptoms – even so far as meningitis perhaps leading to bovine encephalitis. In its worst scenario – we could be looking at problems like mad cow disease. The animals can’t tell you they have a bloody awful headache so they go to the nearest willow tree and try to consume most of it. Willow bark contains salicylic acid, the ingredient of aspro. This gives some relief before the animal is again affected by other chemicals like herbicides from the pasture and its eyes get red and sore as the liver is affected, making the animal look like its been on the turps all night. Red inflamed eyes are a different condition to the common contagious opthalmia known as pink eye.

Could misuse of chemicals create mad cow disease?

There are also three channels of energy within the spine. The right, or hot channel when it becomes inflamed, will burn the stem cells and so repair of the cellular structure is not possible. If the left, or cold channel is affected by poison the resulting condition becomes obesity, storing fat not meat in the body. If the central channel is inflamed the entire hormone system is hyped up causing severe headaches, and conception becomes difficult. Now all we need is radioactive manganese 54 radioactive metal to produce mad cow disease and then what? No country will buy our meat, the government steps in and destroys your herd. This scenario is brought on by our general modern farming practices.

Some farmers make a practice of removing the tails of cattle. This practice will upset the balance in the central nervous system of the animal. The spinal nerve system extends beyond the tail bone into the tail itself. If you remove the tail it is a bit like an amputation – where you get phantom sensations. Calm, contented cattle then become more difficult to achieve. Instead as a suggestion, clip the hair at the end of the tail, this should give the desired cleanliness over the tail and will give a far better result, keeping the central nervous system intact, and a calmer herd.

One of the biggest problems of farming is bloat. We have found bloat is caused as much by worms and parasites as it is by lack of magnesium. Worms and parasites cause the liver yang to create heat and wind. In humans, if the liver heat rises, it causes wind to rise up into the gullet and heart cavity, causing heartburn and acid reflux.

Now if I may, and you would like me to continue, I would like to talk a little about meta-physics or the non physical part of life that I have had considerable training in. This encompasses understanding beyond the physical 5 senses.

I will start by stating that all matter, for want of a better word, is solidified energy, Energy is known to be a combination of vibration and frequency. How solid an object is depends on the speed of the vibration and frequency. For example – faster moving energy is in the realm of x-rays, radio signals, TV, etc. Slower moving energy is in objects like furniture and the more solid things we see and touch. They are all none the less a result of vibration and frequency. Vibrational medicine works so well because it is at a faster, finer rate – compatible to the finer energies of any living system.

Let’s look at the energetic or vital body. I will try to give you an understanding that for every physical thing, there is a subtle energy blueprint that governs it. In these energy fields surrounding the body, in humans, for instance, we have the blueprint of the nervous system in the vital body. This is your antenna for picking up subtle vibrations like intuitive thoughts, clairvoyance, clairaudience, registered as fact by Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography was a way of capturing on film the field of energy surrounding any living physical object.. Today there are instruments that can measure the aura or energy field of different substances, for example, in my field with my theratest equipment I can measure the energy fields particular to poisons, bacteria, viruses, etc. In this way I can determine what, if anything, is the causative agent in any given body or animal.

The aura, or energy field, is created from living matter - that is matter that has a life force within it. A body that has no life force or is dead cannot have an aura. Without this subtle energy the physical body could not exist. In medical science they can pick up the subtle energy within the body on a cardiograph or brain graph. We treat mainly the physical and vital or energy bodies of animals and humans.

On the physical level our food gives us our negatively charged energies and our breath gives us our positively charged energies. What I am trying to say here is that our energy is created from a combination of elements like electrolytes in our food and oxygen from our breathing.

Science will measure the physical component to the half like of a poison, but they are overlooking the subtle energy effect of this equation. The energy component lasts far longer than the physical – because it is of a more refined vibration. The vibrations of these energies can be measured as positively charged, negatively charged or neutral.

Just take a moment to consider this – if you have a chemical substance sealed in a secure container, it should be safe to handle shouldn’t it??? And yet you can still smell the chemical some distance from its container. The point is the finer molecules or subtle vibrations of the poison can penetrate the coarser molecules of its container. To give an example of this phenomenon, go into a farming supply agent and you can smell the chemicals contained in the plastic cans even though these cans have been washed several times before they reach the shelf.

We can look at another example of what vibration and frequency or energy is. You will all remember throwing a rock into a still pond as kids and watching the ripples spreading across the water away from the stone long after it has disappeared. Similarly if you yell hello in the alps of Europe, you will hear the word echo back at you several times. The physical word has gone but the vibration of it lingers.

The reason for this explanation is that I have picked up vibrations of toxins in meat, fruit and vegetables which have been contaminated with chemicals. These vibrations, or resonance is another term we use, are clearly not physical but still poison us, at the subtle energy level. It follows that there is no safe clothing or safe house that will protect us while we are using toxic sprays. The removal of toxins on the land and in the water is vital to a healthy sustainable environment. Only then can we be successful in dealing with the animals and ourselves.

Now that I have given you the depressive state, here is the anti-depression formula. As I stated earlier, the answer is in anti-doting and removing the toxic conditions on land, animals and humans. To do this Ewan and I have developed separately different vibrational / frequency broadcasting systems. These are environmentally friendly to all the players - land, animals, and humans, and are very effective.

By identifying the problems and spreading Probitas over your farm areas, we have a silica content that receives and transmits a frequency and vibration which when broadcast will clear the toxins off the land. An example of what the silica is doing is similar to making a crystal radio set when we were kids. Just as the crystal set picks up radio waves, the special frequency of the silica allows the north and south pole energies to remove poisons and promote growth. To understand this, imagine a cell phone not connected to anything but through its transmitters and receivers effectively links everyone in the country. We also watch television and the TV picks up the signal and relays it through to the digital dots on the screen. This is broadcasting on the vibrational level of matter which is what we are doing.

Once we have removed the poisons from the land then we must also remove all toxic conditions in the animals and ourselves by the same method. When the coats of your animals shine like they have been polished then you know you are getting somewhere. Vibrational medicine is still the best treatment for all the ills that confront us. In the conventional physical treatment system the bacteria, viruses, parasites, funguses etc can and do mutate around the chemical treatments giving rise to drug resistant medicines that cannot help us. On the other hand vibrational medicines cannot be recognized by these negative elements because vibrational medicine exists at a subtle level of energy and therefore is unable to be altered.

Chemical spray produce a red energy field which stirs up the emotions and reactions of the animals and ourselves. Scientists have proved that colors affect our moods. Red makes us irritable and we find ourselves carried away with a shitty liver and arguments over nothing. Blue on the other hand calms people down and I am sure you all know this.

The vibrational drift of sprayed chemicals can travel up to 70 to 80 kilometers. Scientists measured the presence of 245T molecules in the atmosphere 25 miles off the coast of Northland in the 1970s. Therefore you can be affected by someone spraying an hour away. Eventually, these vibrational sprays form acid rain which in Europe is known to cause tremendous damage to plant, animal and human life. We also get acid rain here but fortunately for us, this falls mainly out to sea.

Our last area of discussion is that of flukes. Many of you will know what flukes are from your experience with stock having problems with liver and lung flukes and drenching to rid the animals of this nematode. Flukes excrete a chemical called orthophosphotyrosine, OPT for short. This chemical is the waste product of the fluke metabolism and is poisonous to both humans and animals. This chemical causes cells ro reproduce abnormally, affecting the way in which our normal healthy cells behave, and is responsible for most of our tumors. Whether these tumors are benign or cancerous depends on how much toxic load an individual or animal carries. OPT is the cause of conditions like haemachromatosis, psoriasis and aggressive leukemia. When an animal is unable to hold its hind quarters up, I have usually found flukes and OPT present in the spinal brain and brain. In most disease where we find severe multiplication of cellular structure, flukes and the poison orthophosphotyrosine, are generally to blame. They are not difficult to remove using our systems.

With all of these problems I am here to tell you that there is a better way to heal than chemical poisons. Please consider this and thank you for listening.

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