New organic butchery in Auckland.


New organic butchery opens in Auckland CBD

  In late 2008 Cambrian Fresh opened its second organic butchery and grocery store. The Auckland store is located in the new Elliot Stables shopping centre just off Queen Street and is proving to be very popular with workers and shoppers in the city’s centre.

Founder of Probitas and Cambrian Fresh, Ewan Campbell explained that he is on a crusade to educate people about what is really in the meat they buy from the supermarket. “Have you ever noticed the amount of advertising for drenches, phosphates and other chemicals for farmers on the TV? – all those chemicals are consumed by the animals in our food chain and in turn end up in us!” he says.

Cambrian Fresh sells top quality organic meat grown on the Campbell’s farm in Waihi. They use NO chemical fertilisers, drenches, chemical licks or any synthetic additives what so ever. In fact they operate using the Probitas system which Ewan has made commercially available to switched on farmers who want to experience farming the way it should be.

Sound too good to be true? That’s why some of the nation’s highest quality restaurants and cafes are lining up to put Cambrian’s meat on the menu! Nutritional tests have shown that compared with meat brought from the supermarket Cambrians beef has 63% less total fat and a 67% reduction in saturated fat. Not only that, the Omega 3 content found in Cambrian beef is more than 107% higher than that found in regular beef. These levels are more than three times the amount found in fish promoted for being high in Omega 3 content.

  If you live in Auckland or next time you are visiting make sure you visit the Cambrian fresh store. There’s a five minute loading Zone Park across the road for those quick drop-ins. The prices are comparable to what you see in the supermarket and the quality is much better!

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