Organic fertiliser keeps away White Moth



Richard Farger and Mark Jimerson from Paeroa have better, stronger, healthier crops and a decrease in white moth from using Probitas Garden Blend.

Richard's Story:

“We have always used large quantities of compost. Sawdust collected from the stables and to which blood and bone has been added is placed in the trench in the garden. After 12 months, it is dug in and it greatly increases the richness of the soil.

However, the addition of Probitas has not only increased the worm population in the soil, but has encouraged bigger and better vegetable crops that have a splendid flavour. Another quite remarkable benefit is that the vegetables are very healthy and strong and also seem to have developed a resistance to aphids, slugs and snails. This is of marvelous benefit because we do not use any sprays or dusting powders.”

Mark's Story:

“There were no instant noticeable changes, although my winter crop of Silverbeet did grow well. Early the next spring while digging over my plot was when I started to notice the difference. There was a marked increase of worms and worm activity. I planted out my garden as normal and waited. It didn’t take long for things to start to happen. Seeds such as beans and carrots were up quickly and grew well. It was not until later in the season when white butterfly appeared in my friend’s gardens but not at mine.”

The difference is clear and these stories are among hundreds from all over New Zealand who each have seen and tasted the difference organic fertiliser makes to their crops.

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