Organic system helps orchardists


Organic system helps orchardists

Bay of Plenty Avocado Growers John and Tui Neil no longer have to suffer through poor fruiting seasons or allergies thanks to the Probitas System. After relying on chemical sprays and fertilisers for years, the move to a more organic method was a welcome change.

“We’ve been using the Probitas System for around 4 or 5 years now”, John says, “I was looking for some way to get out of conventional methods of fertiliser and this one appealed – seemed like an easy way to go. We wanted to move away from using chemicals and with the Probitas System we were recommendJohn___Tui_Neill_1.jpged a mineral blend. We just get someone to spread it and we monitor it. We’ve had consistent fruiting since then, which is rare for avocado growers. My wife Tui used to become very allergic to some of the softer sprays and she would have to leave the orchard for about a week. This isn’t a problem anymore now that we use Probitas.”

John and Tui now know that the benefits of using organic fertilisers go even further than their produce. With allergies minimized, Tui can
now walk among their produce rather than spend a week away from the orchard while spraying occurs.

After decades of using chemical fertilisers on our farms, crops and gardens at home, the effects on our land and our health are becoming worse. The Probitas philosophy is to help farmers, growers and gardeners facilitate the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food and healthy animals through a holistic approach that is comprehensive in its soil management. Many gardeners, orchardists and farmers are already benefiting from using Probitas Systems. 

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