Probitas release option for home gardeners


Probitas release option for home gardeners

Unlocking the secret to healthy soils in one easy to use product - Probitas Garden Blend.

When Ewan Campbell bought Cambrian Estates in Waihi, he was disappointed in his animal’s production and wellbeing and wanted more. After deciding to venture outside the square and toward better technologies, Ewan was led to the Albrecht system of soil balancing which proved to be highly successful and lifted production. The Albrecht system looks at balancing the major minerals, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium without compromising the current mineral structure of your soil or introducing chemicals.

Now, after years of perfecting the mix, Probitas are proud to introduce Probitas Garden Blend to home gardens throughout New Zealand. Designed for the home gardener and the lifestyle block owner, Garden Blend shields plants from disease and insect manifestations by building stronger, healthier plants, resistant to attack.

Garden Blend is made from 100% natural ingredients and is specially formulated to help condition soil and increase availability of essential elements for plants to flourish.

“Being organic is everything to us” says Ewan, “I am passionate about chemical-free farming and gardening so it was a great day when Garden Blend was BioGro certified. I believe that there is no reason for any chemicals to be added to your plants – we have to think about what goes into our mouths – it’s the reason why we are such an unhealthy nation.”

Read our brochure for more about Garden Blend.

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