What is farming?

What is “farming”?

"Farming" is no more or no less than converting energy from the sun into energy that, when consumed, allows for the full expression of genetic potential. This involves an inter-action between the sun, the soil, soil biology, plants, animals and humans. Until very recently this interaction had evolved into a state of perfection. The process has become corrupted by the introduction of the products of scientific observation. In order to return the process to its state of perfection the corruptions need to be identified and removed. The knowledge and technology required to do this is not conventional knowledge and conventional qualifications are useless because they are a product of the paradigm that spawned the corruptions. There is no place for science in agriculture until the perfect state has been reinstated. Then science can explore the possibilities of improving on perfection.

The Probitas System and “farming”.

The Probitas System is knowledge and technology in the areas of soil and plant toxin neutralisation, soil mineralogy, soil biological function and reproduction, soil to plant nutrient transfer, plant to crop or animal nutrient transfer and the procurement and marketing of the food produced under the Probitas System.

The role of the people involved with the Probitas System is primarily as information and technology providers. The information and technology is offered as tools to enable Probitas System food producers to become self sufficient in terms of the knowledge required to produce food that is fit for purpose in an environment that is sustainable by all measurements.

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