Why am I not getting better?


Why am I not getting better?

By Healing World

Homoeopathy/Isopathy treats the whole person and their lifestyle so it requires a high level of commitment on your part to be successful. There is no’ magic pill’ that allows you to continue with an unfavourable lifestyle and become symptom-free.

A healthy you requires:

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Tell your practitioner all of the relevant information - make a list before your consultation so that you do not forget important facts.
List all medications you are taking – this includes painkillers.

Administration of remedies

Ensure that you are following the instructions given. Accuracy of dose and time are crucial.

Remedies are sensitive. Avoid eating, drinking and applying substances with strong smells and tastes eg coffee drinking, perfume wearing, eating raw garlic, using peppermint toothpaste straight after taking remedies.

Treat your remedies well.

  • Keep in their boxes
  • Store in a cool dark aroma-free cupboard
  • Keep away from electromagnetic fields

Your practitioner can guide you but ultimately your good health is your responsibility

If your recovery is slow consider the following check list.

  • Living and working environments
  • Exposure to electronic /electromagnetic equipment eg fridge, microwave oven, computer, TV, garage door opener, mobile phone, fire alarms, electric blanket, cell phone towers, electric pylons

  • Heat pump/air conditioning unit (refrigerants)

  • Petrochemicals –cleaning gear, dish detergent
  • Washing powders & bleach

  • Insect repellents eg fly spray, flea powder and dog/cat collars

  • Commercial spraying of your home to kill ants spiders etc, roof sprays for mould and lichen

  • Solvents such as white board pens, sprays used in your car engine and interior when it is serviced, oven cleaners

  • Paint and wallpaper fumes

  • Furnishings, carpets and curtaining - formaldehyde, dyes

  • Agrichemicals used in own garden, surrounding orchards, parks, streets etc – (Roundup is particularly dangerous)


  • Petrochemicals - shampoos, skin creams and lotions, makeup, perfume, hair dye, sun screen,

  • Other people carrying viruses/bacteria etc

  • Food consumed – food additives, colourings, preservatives, antibiotics
  • Packet food, highly processed food, premixes for cakes etc
  • Endless takeaways
  • GE food

  • Restaurant food – mono sodium glutamate, non organic foods (when you may eat organic at home)

  • Water – city water non-filtered, full of chemicals etc
Home supply from the house roof and guttering – full of sprays (acid rain) and other environmental chemicals. Own tanks that may have dead birds, mice etc in them
Water coolers whose owners don’t service them regularly

Own thoughts and attitude – preconceived negative ideas about homoeopathic/Isopathic remedies, mental focus on sickness rather than health.


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