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The ability of the earth to process and remove chemicals from our environment is diminishing.

Magnetism is the main cleaning mechanism for the removal of poisons in our environment. Normally about 4 gauss in measurement, it is now being measured at about 0.4 gauss.* The projected arrival at zero point for this magnetism is 22nd Dec 2012.*According to astrology, we start our decline into chaos on 9th march 2009.** From this point on, any sprayed poison will not dissipate but will saturate the environment around the area sprayed for the next 7 years accumulating and causing sickness on all species of living things.

Why is this happening?

It goes back to the original sin, that of “ignorance!!” This brings me to the reason why I am sharing this information with you.

All synthetic materials, even medicinal drugs are instrumental in alterning the RNA/ DNA in living cells…there is no such thing as a safe dose of poison!

My working modality is called Isopathy, a branch of Homoeopathy. Isopathy encompasses the idea that like cures like. Homoeopathy encompasses the idea that similar cures similar. Latin motto: - Similia Similibus Curentur

20 years of clinical experience has allowed me to understand the root causes of most diseases. Together with my wife, we have found that poisons, sprays, synthetic materials (including some medicinal drugs), petrochemical based items such as plastics, & so many more, are instrumental in altering the RNA/DNA inside living cells. It takes only minute doses of these poisons to effect this alteration, the results being mutated cells which cause the cancers and autoimmune chronic diseases, we have today. This compels the conclusion that there is no such thing as a safe dose of any poison!!

The manufacturers and administrators of poisons have conned the public over the years, with a set of lies that have never been rebutted. The truth is, if it is a poison it will kill or alter your cells at a very basic level, and also the cells of all living things. This is the reason for cell ageing before death occurs.

The human body deals with these chemicals using the ‘sommatid blood cycle’ this cycle evolves poisons in the blood into bacterial forms, rod forms, viral forms, yeast and fungal forms, cancer forms, and then forms a thallus, spitting out sommatids to renew the sequence***. This is how the blood cleans itself, as the blood contains the living fertilizers for every cell in the body, giving nutrients and carrying away waste products. It is the onion family in our food that partly allows us to renew sommatids, that is why garlic down the ages has kept man relatively healthy. In the past our bodies could manage this process as less ‘cleaning’ was necessary.

Today however we have increased poisons in our environment by thousands of percent. The toxic load carried by the earth and its inhabitants is unprecedented, and still we carry on spraying anything that has the unfortunate condition of waving in the breeze, or acting unwittingly against our human idea of perfection, without a thought of what is going on in our environment. Homo-Stupidus at it again!

As we see the level of magnetism going down, we can also measure the frequency of the earth in hertz. In 1986 the earth’s frequency was measured at 7.83 Hz. After the astrological planetary line up in 1986, the frequency of the earth has been rising steadily and is now measured at somewhere around 12.4 Hz. Using a projected graph we see that at zero magnetism in Dec. 2012, we will be at 13.4 Hz. The connotations of this are stupendous.** what are they?

The point is, something is happening! All people should be aware of what may be on the horizon. Besides the physical aspects of destruction at this time, there are the mental benefits, where we should see a shift in attitude to the progressive use-age of the two tenths of the brain that is now starting to appear, instead of the one tenth we have been using. More knowledge is coming to the surface, greater in-depth understanding is beginning to show up.

I was amazed when I saw the results of the chemical free Probitas fertiliser system!

After meeting Ewan Campbell the founder and developer of Probitas, it was clear he too had a focus on human and animal health. We joined forces where I would test probitas pasture and also test various pasture fields around the product field (not treated) to ensure that what we were testing was bonafide. The results were absolute and amazing, but I will let Ewan tell you of these results, and the reasons why this product is so successful.

Super phosphate and toxic sprays will eventually make your soil non productive and infertile!

In my capacity for treating pasture I came across super phosphate and discovered the radiation problems associated with this product. Slowly but surely radiation concentrated on pasture will destroy soil bacteria, worms, beneficial fungi, etc., by adding toxic sprays, eventually the ground becomes non productive and infertile. Remember this is accelerated today as the magnetism is depleted.

There is a cause for every effect. The great historian Edward Gibbons wrote about the fall of the Roman Empire, the greatest of the world-ruling empires. If you study Gibbons work it is obvious that the western world is headed in the same direction! In his masterpiece, History of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbons identified five major causes that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire in fact there were six. First the breakdown of the family, second, increased taxation; third, an insatiable craving for pleasure; fourth, an unsustainable buildup of armaments; fifth, the decay of religion; sixth, the toxic poisoning with lead. It was lead that lined the aquaducts and wine casks, affecting the very core of society. This scenario is eerily similar to what we have today, albeit the poisons are different but the result is the same.

Why the fertiliser companies don't want you to know about us...

The fertiliser companies and pharmaceutical companies have already taken both Ewan, my wife and I, through the courts via the commerce commission, as they, being under the government umbrella, were unhappy with the forward thinking potentiality of our products and we all thank them sincerely for drawing attention to our great products in the public arena.

If we are to stop sickness and create health it is up to all of us to stop toxins where possible.

A knowledge of the effects of toxins in our environment compels the conclusion that success or failure in our environment exhibits no half measures, like sitting on the fence. The time is now; the things we can do need to be done.

The responsibility of our environment rests heavily on our shoulders this is make or break time, what is it going to be? We have existed for millions of years without the scourge of toxins, somehow, since the second world war, we have been bombarded with millions of new synthetic toxins which the human body, and animal body, has not been able to make checks and balances for. It takes at least four generations to make checks and balances to any one given poison. This is embedded in the law of miasms which will be the subject of my next article. Thank you for reading this paper and for this opportunity to pass on this knowledge. We look forward to placing the capstone on the mental pyramid in time to come!

For and on behalf of the people, animals and environment,

John Godwin
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