Organic Fertiliser Keeps Away White Moth Probitas Release Option for Gardeners
Richard Farger and Mark Jimerson from Paeroa have better, stronger, healthier crops and a decrease in white moth from using Probitas Garden Blend. More
Unlocking the secret to healthy soils in one easy to use product - Probitas Garden Blend. When Ewan Campbell bought Cambrian Estates in Waihi, he was disappointed in his animal’s production and wellbeing and wanted more. More
Organic System Helps Orchardists Probitas Garden Blend
Bay of Plenty Avocado Growers John and Tui Neil no longer have to suffer through poor fruiting seasons or allergies thanks to the Probitas System. After relying on chemical sprays and fertilisers for years, the move to a more organic method was a welcome change. More  Probitas_Garden_Blend.jpg
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