Agrichemicals and food

At the end of the WWII huge amounts of the chemicals used in the gas chambers for the annihilation of humans had to be disposed of. It was decided, by the governments of the day and the chemical companies, that these chemicals could be diluted and used in agriculture.

Since then modifications of these chemicals, known as agrichemicals, are liberally used on crops to control moulds, fungi, bacteria, caterpillars, slugs and snails, insects, weeds etc.

They adversely affect animals in the same way as they do humans.
On the land they destroy the soil bacteria, mycelium and worms that are essential for good pasture growth and the health of our stock.

Unknown to most people, sprays or agrichemicals have two components which are fundamentally poisons. They are physical & vibrational.

This is the aspect of agrichemicals that can be seen, tasted, smelt, and felt by four of our five senses.

1. It consists of the water droplets or residue – It is the spray mist and the wetness that is left on the area just sprayed.

2. Going inside and shutting windows and doors will only minimise the physical contact with sprays.

3. It affects people, animals and insects by skin contact, breathing, eating and smelling.

4. Physical sprays are broken down by ‘diffusion’.

Science teaches us that molecules in a liquid or gas (such as the air we breathe), tend to move away from the areas of the greatest concentration until they are evenly distributed.

 A prime example occurs when a sugar lump is dropped into a cup of tea it diffuses or spreads throughout the whole cup until the liquid has an equal concentration of sugar throughout.

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In a similar manner, the agrichemical spray concentration spreads out over a vast area to gain even distribution.
Although  it becomes greatly diluted it is still very much in existence.
In fact it is when they are diluted that sprays do untold damage to the earth’s creatures because it only takes parts per million to interfere with the hormone and cellular systems in humans and animals.
5.  Physical spray droplets can carry on the wind drift for a distance of about 1 - 70kms. 
6. It is this physical component that causes approximately 20% of our illnesses.

1.  This part of the spray is resonance– a little more difficult to understand as it requires an awareness of our sixth sense and beyond.
Bi-carmalthinking is a general understanding that we have only five senses. This thought has been around for thousands of years (and still exists today). The truth is we have multi senses which man is only beginning to understand.

2.  The bio-electrical current can penetrate all matter so going inside the house and closing all the windows and doors makes NO difference whatsoever.  The resonance of the sprays will penetrate the human body wherever the person is.
3.  Sprays affect the bio-electrical fields of the body’s cells.
Spray resonance or vibration can be thought of as being an echo.  
eg  Throw a stone into a pond and the ripples will continue pulsating long after the physical stone has disappeared from view.
Similarly, long after the spray residue has dried up, the spray resonance or echo is still present.
It is these resonances that disturb the bio-electrical functioning of our body cells.
‘Bio-electrical fields are vibrating so fast that we cannot see them with the naked eye – like sound waves or Xrays.
It is the recognition of the existence of these fields that forms the basis of Quantum Physics.
Quantum physicsis now recognizing their existence thanks to the observations of scientists like Einstein. 
When he stated “Everything is vibrating with its own individual frequency,
he recognised this principle.
4.  The spray resonance can only be broken down by the earth’s electromagnetic field. (see the article on ‘Radionic Healing’ for further information)
5.  The danger is that while it is being broken down, spray resonance also carries for 1 to 70kms on the wind drift penetrating everything in its path.
6.  It is this vibrational component that causes approximately 80% of our illnesses

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Science has found that the earth’s electromagnetic field is decreasing.
 For thousands of years, until 1986, the field was 4 gauss.
For your information ‘gauss’ is the measurement used for electromagnetic field density.
 As a comparison, a fridge magnet is 50 gauss. 
The earth’s field is now less than 0.1 of a gauss and continues to drop.
Annually, hundreds of tonnes of toxic agrichemicals are used on crops but the earth’s electromagnetic field, which is the cleansing mechanism for toxins, is unable to cope with the increasing concentrations of pollution.

As a consequence, rainwater that is normally exposed to the earth’s electromagnetic field and ultra violet light to be cleaned and purified, is now falling with spray resonance still in it.
We call it ACID RAIN.
If the rainwater is polluted, so is the drinking water for all the animals and people of the earth.
Our findings at Healing World clinic verify this point. Recent measurement of rainwater direct from the sky to a clean beaker, presented with 54 poisons in the water. This will continue to worsen as the electromagnetic field lessens
Polluted water contains Positive ions because of its toxic content.
Ions  are negatively or positively-charged particles of matter.
Sprays, poisons, drugs, viruses, dirty water & dirty air are all POSITIVELY-charged which leads to mal-function of the human body and dis-ease.


Agrichemical sprays, have polluted both water and food crops making them all positively-charged.


To obtain and maintain the best health, the body, requires an imput of NEGATIVELY-charged ions
This is obtained from organic foods, natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, clean water & clean air.
The Law of Magnetismis a very important one in human and animal digestion
Like poles repel
Unlike poles attract


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The only part of the human or animal body that is POSITIVELY-CHARGED is the GUT LINING
For a very good reason.
The following‘Organic food’ chart shows us that food, when swallowed, enters the stomach where digestion starts.
It passes into the small intestine.
The positively -charged gut lining, with its tight junctions, breaks down the food into smaller molecules that become neutral in their charge.
These food particles travel into the portal vein to the liver where complete absorption of food nutrients occurs.
This leads to GOOD HEALTH
The second chart about‘Non-organic food’ shows how it travels from the stomach into the intestine or gut.
The gut lining, being positively-charged repels the positively-charged food molecules.
The tight junctions of the gut lining are forced apart resulting in Leaky Gut Syndrome.
These positively-charged food molecules enter the portal vein to the liver which has a negative charge.
This creates liver damage.
Bowel clogging, skin, eyesight and ligament problems are the outcome.
Ultimate liver disease leads to cancer, auto-immune disease and DEATH.

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NB:  ‘Absorbing’and ‘Storingof food are vastly different.
‘Absorbing’means to break down or metabolise the food. The gut lining takes out the nutrients and uses them for body function.
‘Storing’of food is ‘bulk storing’ of water, fats toxins etc. Obesity with cellulite formation results.
Cellulite is a combination of fats and toxins – a classic example of bulk storage.
Cellulite worsens in old age because absorption lessens & storage increases.
Sprays encourage storageand the formation of constrictive (narrowed) body pathways causing blood pressure, asthma, constipation etc

Areas where agrichemical use has a detrimental effect on both humans and animals
1.      Hormones
Certain agrichemicals, including organophosphates and organochlorides, mimic oestrogen and progesterone, the natural hormones of the body.
 The only difference in the estrogen molecule and the spray molecule is that the spray molecule is
The body cannot distinguish between the spray molecule and the natural hormone molecule. If the body mistakes the spray for the natural oestrogen, excess positive ions are taken in to the hormone system.  
The Pituitary Gland, which controls the hormone system, becomes confused because it cannot read synthetic material.
This is particularly seen in women who develop menstrual problems, inability to conceive, miscarriages, breast cancer, abnormal smear tests, depression, and irritability etc.
It has been noticed that over the last 50 years the sperm count in men has been lowered by 60% (or more).      The negatively-charged sperm are attacked by the positively- charged sprays and cannot survive.
Oestrogen-mimickas cause prostate problems in men often leading to cancer and death.
2.      The Immune system
The immune system has to work overtime leading to eventual burnout and inability to overcome invading diseases.
People with sensitive metabolisms suffer headaches, influenzas, skin rashes, chest infections, asthma, bladder infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, muscular and joint pains, mood swings and behavioural problems, suicidal and homicidal tendencies.
 If the body is not detoxified, removing the spray physically and vibrationally from both the blood and the tissues, the genes or blue print for life are damaged giving leading  to the formation of mutated genes that give rise to cancer and auto-immune diseases in the long term.
 Certain metabolisms have the ability to absorb more sprays than others without any apparent ill-effects. [These are the people who tell you that you can drink the spray and it won’t hurt you]
However these people too are affected at gene level, even though they are unaware of this fact. They also eventually accumulate enough mutated genes to cause chronic ilnesses.
(Also read’ Miasms’ Article No 2 on this website)



NB:  ‘Absorbing’and ‘Storingof food are vastly different.
‘Absorbing’means to break down or metabolise the food. The gut lining takes out the nutrients and uses them for body function.
‘Storing’of food is ‘bulk storing’ of water, fats toxins etc. Obesity with cellulite formation results.
Cellulite is a combination of fats and toxins – a classic example of bulk storage.
Cellulite worsens in old age because absorption lessens & storage increases.
Sprays encourage storageand the formation of constrictive (narrowed) body pathways causing blood pressure, asthma, constipation etc


 When positively-charged food particles, from sprayed food crops, travel through the small intestine the positively-charged tight junctions, present in the wall lining of the small intestine, are forced apart causing Leaky Gut syndrome.
This syndrome occurs when large positively-charged molecules of food easily slide through these loosened junctions.  They travel along the portal vein of the liver where they discharge their positive charge into a negatively-charged liver neutralizing it which leads to a ‘stagnant liver Qi’ – one with no charge and an inability to function adequately.
This is a very common problem today causing tiredness, stagnation of the blood, irritability etc.
If untreated this finally leads to cancer, auto-immune diseases and ultimately, death.
At present our cancer rate is 1 in 2.9.  If we continue to use agrichemical sprays in the same concentration we will experience a cancer rate of 1 on 1 by the year 2012.
This is a frightening thought if the human race is to survive.

John Godwin

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