John Godwin: Rotorua Speech: Part three

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In an effort to gain military supremacy, since that day, worldwide nations have exploded atmospherically 385 atomic bombs of the 2000 tests that have been detonated.

This series of bomb testing has raised the world’s atmospheric radiation levels hundreds of times.
Radiation will continue to fall on the earth for hundreds of years and will stay in the earth for millions of years.

All fauna and flora are compromised – the fish, birds, animals, humans, plants and food.
Creatures of the world today have not made checks and balances as yet to counteract the rapid introduction of increased radiation that has been thrust upon the world over the last 70 years.

After an atomic bomb has exploded the radiation insidiously spreads around the earth in two ways:

Firstly, The earth’s rotation spirals the radiation from the bomb site through the atmosphere, around the globe, to the poles and back to the equator many times over.

Secondly we have ‘Diffusion’. This process is the same as when a spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea dissolves and moves from the strong concentration out to the weaker one until the sugar is spread uniformly throughout the cup.

John pt2 a.jpg

Both of these actions gradually reduce the initial concentration of radiation at the bombsite and spread it uniformly around the whole planet – penetrating all countries and all creatures on the planet.

Man has no known method of reducing or containing the spread of nuclear radiation.

It takes three to five generations to make checks and balances in the body, against any given poison so our immune systems are being severely compromised.
Major health problems are appearing principally because radiation has mutated the RNA/DNA inside our cells giving rise to cancers and auto-immune diseases.

All radiation is carcinogenic

Cancer affects one person in three.

Rates are increasing.

Other effects of radiation include:

1. A weakened hormonal system in both males and females because of the presence of irradiated estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. We now see increasing numbers of breast, cervical and prostate cancers.

2. Basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma skin cancers.
These cancers are caused by radiation burn.
The presence of radiation and the type of radiation can be tested on a Theratest machine

The sun has NOT changed for millions of years.

Sunlight does NOT cause cancer

Radiation burn causes skin cancer.

Sunlight is crucial for the absorption of vitamin D and other essential nutrients for the human body to survive.

Sunblock creams, many containing dangerous petrochemicals, prevent the absorption of these nutrients causing long-term health problems.
The petrochemicals in the creams also have adverse effects on the body.

Melanoma rates have risen sharply in countries close to the poles such as Iceland and Finland. Neither country has long periods of intense sunshine but like the rest of the world they have increased radiation levels.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis
When vibrational radiation, penetrates the bone marrow there is an automatic reaction of the body to try and cleanse the bone marrow so that blood production quality is not compromised.
The radiation is sent to the long bone ends and joints where the body attempts to dispel it.
Unfortunately the body cannot deal with radiation so the outcome of this is destruction of the joints or arthritis

4. The Digestive system
All radiation causes positive ion problems similar to those caused by agrichemicals

Let’s review those charts again:

John pt2 f.jpg
John pt2 g.jpg
John pt2 h.jpg

john pt2 I.jpg

5. Animals and Pastures

Our pastures are affected in two ways.
Annually, approximately, 4000 tonnes of fertilizer are put on New Zealand pastures.
Superphosphate that is imported from the Pacific where numerous atomic bomb tests were detonated, contains radioactive phosphorus, cadmium and caesium.
This is layered onto our land where it will cause chronic ailments in our animals and people for hundreds of years to come because of the lengthy half life of radioactive isotopes.

Secondly, Radiation causes soil acidity which alters its PH balance.
The magnesium levels in the soil are depleted causing in turn, a magnesium deficiency in animals. Animals become more acidic making them prone to infection from viruses and bacteria.’

Digestive problems, similar to those in humans, arise in cattle after pastures are altered from their negative ion charge to a positive charge because radiation does the same thing as Agrichemical sprays…..
It coats the pasture surface thus altering the charge.

Here are some specific findings

After exploding the Strontium 90 bomb over Johnson Island in the Pacific, in 1948, breast cancer rates increased alarmingly in New Zealand.
The media denied that there was a connection to the radiation released by the test.
Strontium 90, measurable in New Zealand, has polluted and will pollute this country for years.
Strontium 90 replaces natural calcium in the body.

Polonium 210 radioactive isotope, is found in bladder, ovarian, uterine, brain and bone marrow cancers. It is also associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Phosphorus 32 originally came from Naru Island in the Pacific as part of the superphosphate fertilizer that was used in New Zealand.

It is found in ALL phosphorus chemicals such as the agrichemicals of……

chlorpyriPHOS, azinPHOSmethyl, permethrin pirimePHOS, making them radioactive.

Roundup or Glyphosate is the most commonly-used of the phosphorus chemicals and although it has been advertised as biodegradable and harmless, it has been found to be as dangerous as the rest.

Phoshorus 32 radiation replaces natural phosphorus in humans and animals.

There is no place on earth that we can hide from radiation.
Its vibrational component penetrates matter inside our cells where changes take place mutating the RNA/DNA giving rise to chronic perpetuating disease.

The good news is that all this pollution can be treated.

Here is an brief overview of some of the treatments that can be used.
They apply to humans, animals and the land

Homoeopathy or Isopathy is best because it is Vibrational Medicine and can penetrate every cell in the body.

Naturopathy uses herbs, activated charcoal, natural silicates and sulphur as some of the treatments for radiation poisoning.

Pyramid energy in conjunction with Probitas which is a safe soil conditioner, are used for the removal of land toxins.
This is a complex subject - one I will feel I will need a lot more time to speak about than what I have left today.

The use of homoeopathic immunization which is safe.

The use of homoeopathics and pyramids instead of drenching cattle and sheep with toxic chemicals

PCP’s and PCB’s and dioxin must be detoxed from the land and its creatures every six months on those farms with electrical pylons and transformers on them.

Cleansing seeds that are contaminated with radiation and agrichemicals.

Return to good old-fashioned stockmanship instead of unbalancing the ecology with chemicals.

We must make an effort before it is too late.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions

You say that Rutherford ‘shaved’ the atom not ‘split’ it. Why?
Splitting the atom means that the nucleus is split. That makes a very big bang. Rutherford didn’t blow himself up so he obviously didn’t ‘split’ the atom nucleus.

Doesn’t the ozone layer play a part in causing sunburn?
There is a band of radiation around the world called the Vanallen Belt
The Ozone Layer is designed to keep this from entering our atmosphere. However, man’s chemicals have played a large part in causing ‘holes’ in the Ozone layer.
Outer space radiation enters our atmosphere compounding the problem of high levels of atmospheric radiation.
So once again I stress that it is NOT the sun that is the problem.

Radiation burn is the major factor in our skin cancers.

What is a radioactive half life?
The decay of radioactive elements occurs at a fixed rate.
“The half life of a radioactive isotope is the amount of time required for one half of the amount of radioactive material to degrade into a more stable material.”

This is shown in detail by googling ‘Radioactive decay and half life’

Why do we need to detox out PCP’s and PCB’s when there are pylons and transformers on our land?
PCP’s and PCB’s denude the soil of oxygen.
This collapses the soil structure setting up an acidic environment and making aluminium available to the growing animals causing brain problems.

The soil’s capacity for holding minerals falls dramatically

PCP was used in New Zealand until 1988 as a timber tanalising agent and an antisap stain.
It is found on some farms today because of the use of tanalised fence posts.

PCB’s were present in the coolants of all transformers on the power lines.
PCP’s and PCB’s break down to dioxin and then to chlorine dioxin when chlorinated water is added.
This compound is 30 times more toxic than dioxin.

Six-monthly detoxing is advisable because PCP’s and PCB’s are ‘disruptive frequencies’ which means they keep on re-infecting the farmland and its inhabitants.

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