John Godwin's Rotorua speech Part 1

Speech at Rotorua                                            Part one. Miasms


Decisions are based on our perception;-what we know and understand now. When, and if, our perception changes, so do our thoughts and decisions.

My aim is to show you how man is poisoning the human race, the land, the animals and the future of our planet. Much of the subject matter has been verified by my own clinic findings.

I have divided the time and the subject matter into three sections so that in between each section there is a short break for you.

The first topic will be about ‘Miasms’

The second topic is ‘Toxic Agrichemicals’

The third topic is.’ Nuclear Radiation’


New Zealand farmers are some of the best in the world but our skills of stockmanship, agricultural and horticultural management, not to mention our intuition, are being lost as successive generations of farmers lean towards the use of artificial fertilizers and agrichemical sprays.

 Our clean green image is a farce.

Our cancer rates are amongst the highest in the world.


My contention is that we are being poisoned by radiation and toxic agrichemicals.

Not only are we poisoning the present day population of people and animals but we are passing on defective genes to our children and our grand children.

Our farming stock quality deteriorates with each generation.

 This happens by way of Miasms.

 I’ll explain.

It takes three to five generations for the human body to make checks and balances for any given poisons absorbed into that body.

These are made by creating MIASMS .

What are they?

Miasms are the means by which the disease state or toxic state in a person is passed from one generation to the next at conception.

Toxins in the environment will cause an echo of the toxin in every person and animal coming in contact with it.

Unless it is removed before conception the echo is passed onto the next generation.

This is a Miasm.

Let’s look at that again

One hundred years ago animals had no miasms that were caused by man-made toxins but today they suffer in a similar way as man.

New miasms include petrochemicals, radiation, and bovine leukaemia to name a few.

 There is no safe level of toxic poisons. The smallest amount can change the cell DNA.

All disease is created from toxic poisons

Miasms are created by toxic poisons

 Poisons are made up of two facets;

* the physical part

* the vibrational part

 Einstein was a scientist who recognised that all matter has its own individual vibration.

The science of quantum physics is beginning to enable man to understand how vibration can be more damaging to life on a long-term basis than is the original chemical or physical poison.

For this example I am using Man but this whole scenario also applies to animals.

Man is exposed to toxins.

The poisons enter his blood stream where they can give rise to acute symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, rashes, fever etc

The excretory organs –the liver, lungs, skin,and kidneys - expel as much of the physical poisons from the blood as possible

The acute symptoms lessen.

However, part of the physical poisons are not eliminated from the body.

Inherited miasms absorb the poisons into the connective tissue.

This is known as ‘layering’…

These layers create a ‘toxic soup’ in the connective tissue making it impossible for chemical messages to travel between cells.

The man eventually dies of a disease such as cancer.

 This is only a part of the problem.

The miasms of the physical poisons have a crippling effect on the man’s genes, causing mutations.

The gene patterns are distorted.

The man’s children inherit these faulty genes which are no longer able to instruct the body’s cells to function correctly. The children’s bodies become prone to disease.

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 Let’s look at how miasms perpetuate through the generations …

For arguments sake let’s say that your grandfather was a farmer who was exposed to an

Agrichemical when he was crop spraying.

The spray would penetrate his blood then his tissues making him feel off-colour.

 A miasm of the spray would be created and remain in his DNA mutating the genes to be passed on to the first generation – who would be one of your parents.

This generation would develop mild symptoms of asthma, bowel problems, skin problems such as eczema

 The second generation – which would include ‘you’, would experience worsened health with lowered immunity, chronic asthma and eczema, often leading to psoriasis, and behavioural problems.

 Your children – who are the third generation, is where the bad health peaks. They develop illness such as toxic brain and toxic body leading to ADHD/ADD, autism and severe behavioural problems, along with cancer, epilepsy etc.

 If there is NO treatment to remove the toxin, it takes to the seventh generation before the miasm has gone.

If agrichemical exposure continues throughout the generations, then the miasm also continues past the 7th generation.

This is known as reinfection of the miasm.

 Today re-infection takes place. More and more poisons are being introduced to our world.

The miasms continue, causing the human race to become weaker resulting in deformities and still births.

Unfortunately in our polluted world the number of miasms is rising.

Today science & homoeopathic medicine documents eighteen….many more than were apparent in past centuries.

 Samuel Hahnemann who, 200 odd years ago, discovered classical homoeopathy, documented only three miasms that were known to man.

Miasms in animals are also making themselves increasingly more apparent.

 As I said earlier, one hundred years ago animals had no miasms that were caused by man-made toxins but today they suffer in a similar way as man.

Here is how miasms are the precursor to disease

People exposed to the same bacteria and viruses will have different severities of reactions depending on the number of miasms in their body.

2 – 3 miasms inherited leads to strong constitution and high resistance to disease. There is little reaction to viruses and bacteria

 12 -18 miasms inherited: gives rise a weakened immune system and severe symptoms from disease

 Quality of life only comes when the miasmic state is removed or when the number of miasms in the body is low.

** Without the presence of miasms, poisons cannot be held in the body. The connective tissue is shut down preventing absorption and layering of the poisons.

** Blood toxins will only stay in the body for 4 – 6 hours because one circuit of the blood around the body is enough to take some of them through the excretory organs and eliminate them.

The others are put into the connective tissue

** Even with a low number of miasms, poisons do not have a significant effect on the body.

Unfortunately, TODAY each new generation is born with more mutated genes, more miasms and greater predisposition to illness.

 There are no safe levels of poisons.

The human race and the animals of our world are at great

risk of becoming an endangered species


 Here are some of the commonly asked questions

 Has anyone found that there is a link between ADD, ADHD, autism and sprays?


Harvard Medical School confirms that there is a link.

New Zealand’s neuro-educator, Mike Scaddan has also seen a link.

During my own testing I have found sprays to be present in all my patients who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and autism.

My most important finding is the presence of the petrochemical miasm in everyone tested.

That is an indication of gene mutation and a body that is not functioning correctly.


What were the original three miasms found by Hahnemann?


Psoric Miasm or ‘itch’ was the first miasm known to man

Syphilitic Miasm arising from syphilis

Sycosis Miasm arising from Gonorrhoea


What is a ‘minute amount’ when you talk about agrichemical sprays changing cell DNA?


Cell DNA is changed by parts per million and parts per billion of the spray chemically.

However, the most damage is done by the vibrational not the chemical aspect of the spray.

This is because vibration penetrates all the body cells whereas the physical or chemical does not.

We will talk about this in more depth next session.


Why did you say that the standard of stock is deteriorating with each generation?


The so-called ‘standard of life’ is being sustained by veterinarian drugs.  The truth is that animals hold 100’s of toxins in their connective tissue. This creates miasms.

Drugs are new and synthetic They have a job to do but they leave behind a toxic state which creates miasms from the drugs.


Why is vibration more damaging to life than chemicals?


Because vibration has the ability to penetrate all matter including the whole human body.

Secondly the liver is designed to remove chemical poisons not vibrational ones.


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