John Godwins poem

The Toxic Folly.

I stood upon my deck this morn, and wished that I had never been born.
For on the air I smelled today, the stinking stench of toxic spray.

Where is the spring I used to know of birds and bees and flower show?
The future’s bleak if we don’t learn the facts about this spraying turn.

For sprays destroy with every potion, and in our bodies set in motion
Pleomorphism or so I’m told - to re-evolve the common cold.

Eighty percent is formed this way,
Twenty percent picked up a day.

But common ills are ours to fend.
Life-threatening ones will be our end.
Our temples suffer with this load, and set disease in negative mode.

Twenty years from now, immune enhancer will not stop our fatal cancer.

All this stems from ‘innocent’ sprays that we did smell those yesterdays.

When they bury me will anyone know the reason why I lay so low?
My soul travels up to heaven’s gate,
I’m all alone without my mate.

And from my mansion high above I seek my wife, my own true love.
And looking down with sorrow seen - nothing’s changed that could have been.

The answer lies in teaching man the folly of his toxic plan.
For after death still Karma rides like powerful oceans and their tides.

And down to earth again we find another body – God’s been kind.
Another life but still the same,
To pay back Karma’s why we came.

I wish I’d known, six lives ago about the law that keeps us so.
For I would speak to tell mankind the folly of his stubborn mind.
And I would live a better life if I had known of Karma’s strife.

John Godwin
ph 07 5540656

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