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Ecofarm Aotearoa-Probitas Systems Magnet Trays
These magnet trays utilise magnetic energy carried on scalar energy to dismantle manmade chemical bonds.   Manmade chemical bonds are disruptive to life because they are unnatural. For example a bond of carbon and chloride e.g. polychlorinated biphenyl [PCB] is the base component of most agricultural chemicals.   This bond is disruptive only when the bond is intact.  When the bond is broken the constituents of that bond separate to carbon and chloride; both naturally occurring elements that are a part of nature.
The planet Earth’s natural energy is electromagnetic.  The magnetic poles are north and south and the electrical energy (telluric currents) flow east to west.  The intensity of the magnetic energy fluctuates naturally in long cycles. Scala energy is a component of magnetic energy. It is nature’s natural decontaminator and when the intensity of the magnetic energy is above 4 gauss the planet can decontaminate herself. (Gauss is the measurement of magnetic force.)  Scala energy is a cleaning mechanism with the ability to dismantle the components of toxins in their frequency or resonance forms.   The Probitas Systems magnet tray has 4 powerful strontium magnets arranged to create the repelling force generated when like poles are facing each other. 
Place your groceries/food/water/drink/household detergents etc onto the Magnet Tray and let them sit there for 8 – 10 minutes.  If it is a single piece of fruit just roll it across the tray a few times and it will be done.  A good habit to get into is to place your full shopping bags on the tray after you have been shopping.  That way you know that everything going into your cupboards has been detoxed.  To check they are cleaned, do the muscle test again once you have taken your shopping off the tray.

Stretch one of your arms out at right angles to your body, horizontally from your side and hold it as strong as you can.  Then ask someone to push down on your arm to see how much resistance you have.  Then take the food etc in one of your hands and perform the same test again.  If your arm resistance is weak, then detoxifying is required.  A significantly stronger resistance to downward pressure on the arm indicates that no disruptive elements are present.

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