The Parathyroid Glands and their Function

The Parathyroid Glands and their Function

Life on earth is duel. By this we mean it is balanced from two opposing aspects. You cannot appreciate the presence of one without the other.
There are many examples of this in both our physical and energetic world.
Action and reaction
Black and white
Male and female
Day and night
Hot and cold
Wet and dry

The Chinese call this duality ‘yin’ (female) and ‘yang’ (male). Yin and yang are energetic concepts that are constantly interchanging keeping life in balance.

All glands, organs and functions of the body have this duality.
Parathyroids are no different.

The parathyroid glands (parathyroids), are found on the posterior view of the thyroid gland. They show as four small dots which are the ends of four tubes found partly inside the thyroid gland.

From a physical aspect all four parathyroids produce a hormone, (PTH), that regulates calcium in the blood..
Increased PTH causes parathyroid activity to draw stored calcium from the bones into the blood.
Decreased calcium in the blood stimulates the parathyroids to make more PTH..
It is these two interactions that keep the body calcium in balance.

Calcium is the most important element for the body’s skeletal, nervous and muscular systems.

When the parathyroids are functioning normally, our calcium levels are stable so we have good health.

Overactive parathyroids producing too much PTH cause the removal of stored calcium from the bones. This calcium is then deposited in the kidneys, liver, arteries and brain resulting in kidney stones, gall stones, strokes and heart problems.
Osteoporosis is often the result of the bone density being weakened.

In today’s world we are subjected to radioactive calcium from atmospheric levels of radiation that have escalated due to man’s nuclear testing regime. This causes the narrowing of blood vessels, bronchial tubes, bowels etc.
High blood pressure, asthma and constipation are the results that we clinically see today in large numbers.


Body Endocrine Gland System
Indicating the Position of the Parathyroid Glands


Parathyroid 1.jpg

Parathyroid 2.jpg
Parathyroid 3 v2.jpg

From the energetic aspect the upper left parathyroid stimulates the protective energy for the yin or female organs. It is this energy that protects the heart and so decreasing the risk of heart attacks

From the energetic aspect the lower left parathyroid stimulates nourishing energy for the yin or female organs. This energy comes from food.


From the physical aspect the lower left parathyroid creates the ability for the body to absorb all minerals especially calcium. If this gland is low in energy then regardless of how much calcium is consumed very little is absorbed.

If high calcium levels are present in the blood the kidney shuts down this gland. to prevent calcium loss Unfortunately this can upset the overall body balance of all the minerals

From the energetic aspect the upper right parathyroid stimulates protective energy for the male or yang organs. This energy comes from breath and exercise.

From the energetic aspect the lower right parathyroid stimulates nourishing energy for the male or yang organs.

From a physical aspect this PTH stimulates the absorption of vitamin D and other vitamins required by the body.

If you have hyper-parathyroidism, in other words, a gland that is functioning to excess, then the energetics are high and have been high for some time.
This could mean the presence of a tumour on one or more of the parathyroid glands. If this is so, surgical removal is best.
You will then live longer and feel better because humans do not like high minerals such as calcium.

John Godwin

Healing World Marae Trust

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