Totus Salutarus: A living mineral solution for supplementing essential minerals.

 Totus Salutarus Product Information Sheet

Ocean water is essentially the same chemical composition as human blood.  In a natural dehydration process (sun & wind) the minerals of the Ocean are concentrated into two forms, one solid, and the other liquid as the third, Sodium chloride (Table salt) precipitates out into a separate, crystalline product.
The concentrated solid and liquid mineral forms without the majority of sodium chloride are very similar to the essential Tissue Salts that make up our blood.
“The mineral cell salts are in a very real sense, the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body and are absolutely essential to their integrity of structure and their functional activity”.  Dr Charles W. Littlefield:  Analytical Chemist.
Totus Salutarus supplies the tissue salts in this natural form, that allows the body to function as it should and repair itself of the many ailments and conditions created by the inadequate supply of natural nutrients delivered in today’s modern diet.


Reactions to Totus Salutarus may vary.  Reactions may be influenced by the health and mineral status of the Totus Salutarus consumer at the commencement of the programme.  Bowel irregularities and tiredness within the first week have been reported. 


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