Totus Salutarus: Essential cell salts

Everything that lives on this planet is a conglomeration of cells.  To be in a state of natural function all cells need to have the unimpeded ability to absorb energy into themselves; expel waste from themselves and be able to reproduce.   German Born Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler discovered that the major Salts (tissue salts) that the human body is constructed from are also in a specific order in the blood.  He found that each tissue salt is specific to a particular major function in the body and its presence is required to facilitate the natural function and reproduction of each and every cell.  Without these specific cell salts regeneration cannot take place and the body’s natural ability to repair itself is impeded.
As farmers struggle to survive economically management practices have become focused on income rather than nutrient value and fitness for purpose.  Processes are implemented that force production.  This causes the quality of the food they produce to deteriorate, to a point where it does not offer all that the consumer needs to maintain a state of physical wellbeing.   There are far too few food growers that are utilising the information available today to supply the nutrient dense food that the body requires to function at the standard that it has been designed for. Farmers are beginning to look for the information that will allow them to fulfil their obligation of delivering nutritious, safe food and are adjusting their processes to enable delivery of such food to fill the gaping hole in our nutrition.
The book “The Biochemic System of Medicine”, by George Washington Carey MD is an in depth study of the consequences of cell salt deficiencies in terms of how the deficiency manifests itself as disease.  This is offered as a compilation of practical trials and observations that reinforce Schuesslers work in an easily comprehendible and practical manner.   Carey confirms the link between the deficiencies of these cell salts in our diet, the symptomology caused by the deficiencies and the response to such symptoms of addressing the cell salt deficiencies. Written in the 1920’s this material is truly timeless and should not be discounted as it is so pertinent to so many of the afflictions of the Human race that we see today.
Western A Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” is succinctly described as “the enduring classic works on how what we eat shapes us for better and worse”. Price’s travels to study Native Tribes on Native diets and the effects of diet on physical structure and mental state captured a slice of time when indigenous groups were still self-sufficient in their food requirements and were sourcing their food from their local environment.  Price was able to show that as the quality of the food deteriorated so did the quality of the health of the consumer.  This is documented proof that the state of physical wellbeing and mental acumen is directly influenced by diet.  If you look deeper, you can see how the tissue salts discovered by Schuessler were actually a major part of the diets in the foods that were traditionally eaten.
Whether the harvesting of cattle blood, by the African Tribes, or the utilisation of Sea Foods by Maori, or Dairy Products by the Swiss, the commonality is that all these diets contained these Tissue Salts.  This was reflected in the people’s physical make up and their mental wellbeing.  The Mongols that conquered vast tracts of Europe and Asia utilised the potential of the cell salts that were contained in the blood and milk of the mares they rode into battle.  The strength and endurance of these people was astounding.  Imagine the convenience of having your transport also supplying your energy requirements!
Maynard Murray MD took to the Sea to find his solutions to the ailing medical condition of the American population. His observations and trials showed that sea life didn’t degenerate. Cells taken from a sixty year old blue whale cow could not be differentiated from that of her calf in terms of degeneration. Something the Human race has been unable to achieve with so called modern science. Murray applied his science to agriculture in his attempts to increase the nutritive value of the food grown to enhance the wellbeing of the population and although being incredibly prolific in his endeavours, the technology was misplaced for some 35 years until being rediscovered by biologically tuned farmers in the last 10 years. Much of his work is summarised in his book “Sea Energy in Agriculture”.
Richard Olree’s expansion of Walter Russell’s work that is contained in the book “Minerals for the Genetic Code” put in place the “Olree Biological periodic Chart” This material resonates with the previously referred to researchers, Murray and Price. Olree explains that to create a perfected genetic sequence, certain minerals and principles have to be in place. The time of day regeneration takes place, the protein sequences and the related segmentation of the spine in relation to each of these processes are all necessary for correct function.
Included in his book is a well researched compilation of the foods that can supply the 64 essential elements required for RNA / DNA construction in descending order of availability.   The impeded quality of commercially produced food in today’s world make it virtually impossible to self-medicate according to the principle of Hippocrates “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”
Ocean water has the same chemical composition as Human blood. Sodium and chloride (table salt) make up the majority of the minerals in ocean water.  Reducing the sodium chloride component can be achieved by a natural dehydration process.  This leaves a concentrated mineral solution in which six of the essential salts are in a solid and six are in a liquid.  These twelve cell salts are held in the Totus mineral cell salt product, in a very available form. This product provides the means to amend the cell salt deficiencies that allow for the reacquisition of natural cell function the body’s ability to repair itself.
By supplementing the daily diet with Totus cell salts our bodies are able to repair impaired functions and overcome degeneration.
It is important to remember that only you can heal yourself and just like building a house, with great plans and the right materials, amazing houses can be built.  Our bodies are No different. Supply the right materials and you may be very surprised what your body is capable of.
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