Toxins disrupt nutrient energy transfer


Areas where agrichemical use has a detrimental effect on both humans and animals

1. Hormones

Certain agrichemicals, including organophosphates and organochlorides, mimic oestrogen and progesterone, the natural hormones of the body.

The only difference in the estrogen molecule and the spray molecule is that the spray molecule is

The body cannot distinguish between the spray molecule and the natural hormone molecule. If the body mistakes the spray for the natural oestrogen, excess positive ions are taken in to the hormone system.
The Pituitary Gland, which controls the hormone system, becomes confused because it cannot read synthetic material.

This is particularly seen in women who develop menstrual problems, inability to conceive, miscarriages, breast cancer, abnormal smear tests, depression, and irritability etc.


It has been noticed that over the last 50 years the sperm count in men has been lowered by 60% (or more). The negatively-charged sperm are attacked by the positively- charged sprays and cannot survive.

Oestrogen-mimickas cause prostate problems in men often leading to cancer and death.

2. The Immune system

The immune system has to work overtime leading to eventual burnout and inability to overcome invading diseases.

People with sensitive metabolisms suffer headaches, influenzas, skin rashes, chest infections, asthma, bladder infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, muscular and joint pains, mood swings and behavioural problems, suicidal and homicidal tendencies.

If the body is not detoxified, removing the spray physically and vibrationally from both the blood and the tissues, the genes or blue print for life are damaged giving leading to the formation of mutated genes that give rise to cancer and auto-immune diseases in the long term.

Certain metabolisms have the ability to absorb more sprays than others without any apparent ill-effects. [These are the people who tell you that you can drink the spray and it won’t hurt you]
However these people too are affected at gene level, even though they are unaware of this fact. They also eventually accumulate enough mutated genes to cause chronic ilnesses.

(Also read’ Miasms’ Article No 2 on this website)

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When positively-charged food particles, from sprayed food crops, travel through the small intestine the positively-charged tight junctions, present in the wall lining of the small intestine, are forced apart causing Leaky Gut syndrome.
This syndrome occurs when large positively-charged molecules of food easily slide through these loosened junctions. They travel along the portal vein of the liver where they discharge their positive charge into a negatively-charged liver neutralizing it which leads to a ‘stagnant liver Qi’ – one with no charge and an inability to function adequately.
This is a very common problem today causing tiredness, stagnation of the blood, irritability etc.

If untreated this finally leads to cancer, auto-immune diseases and ultimately, death.

At present our cancer rate is 1 in 2.9. If we continue to use agrichemical sprays in the same concentration we will experience a cancer rate of 1 on 1 by the year 2012.

This is a frightening thought if the human race is to survive.

John Godwin

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