AgResearch wants GE Cows

AgResearch wants GE cows

AgResearch plans to alter the make-up of cows, sheep and goats to produce a medicinal super-milk by mixing human and animal DNA. The research will focus on proteins important in human therapeutics and animal disease

Dr Jim Suttie, AgResearch's general manager of applied biotechnologies. Please take notice of the following:

Perfection can not be improved upon. Pasture fed milking animals naturally produce milk that is a "perfect" food that is both nourishing and theraputic. Analysis of the properties of raw milk show that nothing needs to be added to raw milk, especially that from grass-fed cows, to make it whole or better. No vitamins. No minerals. No enriching. It's a complete food as follows:

Proteins in raw milk: Our bodies use amino acids as building blocks for protein. Eight of them are considered essential, in that we have to get them from our food. The remaining 12-14 we can make from the first eight via complex metabolic pathways in our cells. Raw cow's milk has all 8 essential amino acids in varying amounts, depending on stage of lactation. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Carbohydrates in raw milk: Lactose, or milk sugar, is the primary carbohydrate in cow's milk. The end-result of lactose digestion is a substance called lactic acid (responsible for the sour taste in fermented dairy products). Besides having known inhibitory effects on harmful species of bacteria, lactic acid boosts the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and has been shown to make milk proteins more digestible by knocking them out of solution as fine curd particles. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Fats in raw milk: Approximately two thirds of the fat in milk is saturated. Saturated fats play a number of key roles in our bodies: from construction of cell membranes and key hormones to providing energy storage and padding for delicate organs, to serving as a vehicle for important fat-soluble vitamins. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Vitamins in raw milk: Whole raw milk has all the vitamins, and they're completely available for your body to use. Whether regulating your metabolism or helping the biochemical reactions that free energy from the food you eat, they're all present and ready to go to work for you. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Minerals in raw milk: Raw milk contains a broad selection of completely available minerals. Nature codes for the entire array of minerals in raw milk (from cows on properly balanced pasture) to be in proper balance to one another thus optimizing their benefit to us. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Enzymes in raw milk: There are 60 plus (known) fully intact and functional enzymes in raw milk. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Cholesterol in raw milk: Milk contains about 3mg of cholesterol per gram. It's natural, normal and essential to find it in our brain, liver, nerves, blood, bile, indeed, every cell membrane. The best analogy I've heard regarding cholesterol's supposed causative effects on the clogging of our arteries is that blaming it is like blaming crime on the police because they're always at the scene. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!

Dr Suttie you may have the technology to achieve your aim of producing a medicinal super milk but it will be useless because humans have not evolved to extract material from genetically modified sources.

If you insist on pursuing this extraneous project please completely disassociate yourself and your research project from New Zealand. I do not want any genetic modification research conducted in this country.

If you, or any other scientist were to consider interfering in any aspect of the process of natural food production I would give you the same advice. Sorry Dr Suttie. Nature has got this sorted!
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