Move away from Chemical Fertlisers


Move away from chemical fertilisers without compromising profitability

We’ve been using chemical fertilisers and pest control products for decades on our farms, crops and our home gardens. The consequence of this is nutrient deficient, chemically compromised food.

Our philosophy is to help farmers and growers facilitate the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food and healthy animals through a holistic approach that is comprehensive in its soil management.


If you're looking for a healthier solution to this problem, read on...

Healthy Soils are the most complex of any natural systems on Earth. In its natural state, soil is teeming with a huge diversity of living organisms. Most of these organisms require oxygen and water to survive. The soil, plant and animal inter-action has evolved over millions of years into a perfect system. This perfect system has been corrupted by the product of scientific observation. (Super phosphate, Urea, high endophyte rye grass etc). To return this system to its state of perfection we need to identify areas that have been corrupted and remove them – The Probitas System has been designed to achieve this.
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