Understand the importance of your soil


Understand the importance of your soil. Your garden will thank you for it!

Behind every great garden there’s good soil and behind every good soil there’s a nutrient rich soil conditioner.

Calcium & magnesium have the biggest effect on soil structure and pH. These two elements create pore space between themselves that allows aeration of the soil, creating ideal conditions for soil microbes to do their job in the soil which is making more nutrients available for your plants. Dolomite or a mix of lime and serpentine can be used if you need calcium and magnesium.

A quick way to see if you need to add calcium or magnesium to your garden is to do a pH test. If the results show below pH 6.5 you may get a goods result by applying some to your garden.

With the soil pH and aeration in good order, these very important soil microbes need food sources. These come in many forms, such as seaweed, compost, vermicast (worm poo) and fish emulations.
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