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Conference theme:

Optimising the Natural Movement of Solar Energy in Agriculture



Conference Speakers

Mark Bader.
Mark Bader is the owner of Free Choice Enterprises. Mark travels the whole world helping livestock owners with pasture performance issues. Mark attended the University of Wisconsin with a concentration in chemistry, biology and math. Mark and his Dad started their business in 1953. He has two daughters that hold PhD's in biochemistry that work in the business. Mark specialises in working with livestock owners to address their grazing performance issues. Mark focuses on the forages.   With good grazing management the rumen of the animal performs perfectly. During his presentations, he
will address the functions that are taking place inside the animal.
“Four elements make up 95% of the diet of a grazing animal; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Relationships between these elements have the greatest influence on animal performance and health. Yet a majority of livestock nutrition advice focuses on trace elements (ash) which is only 5% of diet”. 
Dairy cows have the ability to over eat by 40% to overcome deficiencies or dilute excesses in the ration.
Protein in excess of energy will increase health problems and in many cases is responsible for slow breed back. If the urine pH of your animals is over seven, this condition exists in your herd.
A reduction of 50% in cow water intake results in a 50% reduction in production. We have only found three water sources in our research that did not have a bacteria problem.
Since 70% of the cow is water, then 70% of the diet also has to be water


John King

John King is the Director of Succession. He was raised at The Bend, a sheep, cattle, and cropping property near Winton, Southland. Extended family still own or manage properties in Southland.

Succession runs training events to help farmers manage sustainable businesses. These events explore how families, money, and technology come together to make businesses and properties successful.

Farmers and their families enjoy activities that prompt practical and profitable ideas for working with the land through new insights on managing farm businesses.

John's passions are education, environment, and entrepreneurship and he helps farmers, their families, and other professionals find opportunity within existing circumstances by challenging their understanding of business and environment, particularly for low input farming.
John holds a M.Agr.Sci degree from Lincoln University, New Zealand focusing on how farming couples learn their way through their constantly changing circumstances. John recently completed a Diploma in Adult Teaching and Learning from Canterbury University and has a deep interest in collaborative learning techniques and adult learning activities.


John Godwin

My background & how I got to where I am today : -   I started my journey in my early 20"s learning & understanding parapsychology, theology, pyramid energies, spiritual healing, divining with a pendulum, rods, etc. This gave me the tools to begin my studies into homoeopathy, isopathy & the reasons why people were getting sick. I was not satisfied with the standard answers for illness so delved into serious research & developed a protocol for successfully finding causes for &  treating the health problems in people, animals & the land. My results have been measured by the very large numbers of people & animals that have been through our clinic doors over 20 years practice.  We have developed a clinic based in Tauranga entirely on word of mouth referral, with patients requesting help from as far away as the USA & Europe.   
Kevin Bluegum and Murray Chittenham
Kevin and Murray have, between them more than 40 years of constitutional law experience within New Zealand and although not lawyers if you wish to have an objective view of our legal and lawful system you could do no better than to partake of the Kevin and Murray experience!   Knowledge gained by both men in the fields of law and finance will give a refreshing take on how we can exert our own authority and take charge of our lives instead of subjugating to some other unseen or unknown party.
Craig Fagan.
Craig Lives in the King Country and currently runs a lease block running dry stock.  His background is in farming and shearing.  He shore professionally from 1991 until 2001 in New Zealand and internationally.  He also contract fenced and did general farm work in the off season.  From 2001 until 2010 Craig owned/leased dry stock properties running sheep, beef, dairy beef and dairy grazers.  He developed a very effective large scale contract lamb finishing operation in tandem with dairy grazing and engaged in comprehensive performance monitoring to fine tune the system.
Craig has a strong interest in farm finance and he has done an in depth analysis of rural banking practices, strategies and loan procedures.  His investigation has revealed information that all borrowers need to be aware off.


Ewan Campbell - Founder of Cambrian Meats and the Probitas Soils System.

“Chaos creates change” and “empty pockets sharpen the mind” are just a couple of sayings that sum up my farming career to date, yet it does not have to be this way.  All too often we leave important decisions to the last possible moment.  Leading to this point we usually have allowed some one else to make the decision for us on questions we never asked.

Ewan Campbell is a typical ‘kiwi bloke' who grew up on his father's dairy farm near Te Aroha and became thoroughly familiar with what constitutes poor and deficient land. He bought a property near Waihi and began farming on what was initially very depleted soils holding some of the highest aluminium levels of any soils in the world according to Brookside Laboratory. During sixteen years of observations and trials Ewan developed an eco-safe and sustainable system of farming based on complete mineral and biological balance. He also undertook a period of study of soil testing methodology with Brookside Laboratory from the United States.
After applying what has become known as The Probitas Systems Five Steps programme to his property the property now has lush and nutritious herb, clover and grass pastures growing in a rapidly developing, biologically active soil which forms the foundation for a successful and sustainable organic farming business supplying beef and lamb to Cambrian meats. The New Zealand patented Probitas product is now and used as part of the Probitas Systems Five Steps programme by farmers nationwide and is endorsed by hundreds of users throughout the country. The system enjoys organic certification by both Agriquality and Biogro.








In reality to get good answers firstly you need to know the questions.







Probitas Systems NZ Ltd Conference Programme 2011


Monday 13th June from 11.00am. Registrations at the Kingsgate conference venue. Ewan Campbell, Murray Chittenham and Kevin Bluegum:  Law and money.

3.30pm - 4pm Afternoon tea

4pm - 5pm  Craig Fagan: Bank loans and mortgages.

5pm - 5.30pm Ewan's summary of the day.

6pm - Dinner.


Tuesday 14th June 8am - 9am:  Late Registrations.

9.00am: Welcome and introductions.


9.10am: Ewan Campbell:  The Probitas System Five steps programme.


10.00 am: Morning tea.

10.30am: Speaker: John Godwin  “How toxins disrupt energy transfer and the consequences of malnutrition”.


Midday- Lunch.


1.00pm: Mark Bader: “Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen balance is critical for energy uptake”.


2.45pm: Questions.


3.00pm: Afternoon tea.


3.30pm: John King.  An holistic approach to energy management.


4.30pm: Questions


5.00pm: End of day.


5.00pm - 5.30pm:  Ewan's summary of the day.


5.30pm: Drinks


6.00pm: Dinner.


Wednesday 15th June.


8.30am: Review of the first day.


8.40am: John Godwin: Detox processes and pyramid functions

10 am: Questions


10.15am: Morning tea


10.45am: Mark Bader:  Managing nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen balance in all grass farming systems.


11.45am: Questions.


12.15pm: Lunch.


1.15pm: John King  “Grazing management to fully utilize energy production and transfer”.


2.30 pm: Questions.


2.45pm: Afternoon tea


3.15pm: Ewan Campbell.  Review of the information presented and the informations relevance to the Probitas Five Steps programme.


4.15 pm: Forum


5.00pm: End of day.


5.30pm: Drinks


6.00pm:  Dinner


Thursday 16th June - An opportunity for an afternoon visit to Ewan Campbells farm at Waihi will be available depending on expressions of interest.  Interest will be guaged on Tuesday morning.


Registration Form


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Conference Fee Bank account for paying online is: Westpac Paeroa 03-1572-0072522-01

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