Members introduction.

                   Introduction to the Probitas System Members area.

The Probitas System members’ area is a reservoir of the information and technology required to take Probitas System clients to a standard of farming that is sustainable and profitable. This process requires the delivery of information and technology to clients and the provision of coaching and monitoring required to enable all goals to be met. This includes information and technology in the areas of toxin detection and neutralisation, soil mineralogy, reintroduction of soil biology, pasture species and production, plant and animal genetics, soil and plant nutrient availability, visual analysis and knowledge of the soil’s history.

The information available in the Members Area enables the identification and removal of the factors that limit the farming operation’s ability to sustainably produce food that is fit for purpose.

This Members Area will allow Members to educate and monitor themselves into why, how and when they undertake processes on the farm. The education and monitoring process is done in conjunction with your Probitas System Agent. For the Probitas System to succeed a partnership needs to be developed between the clients and the Agents to enable the monitoring and testing of all policies and inputs. It requires the Agent to adopt a “gate keeper” role.

Members experiences and observations are a critical component of the Probitas System and will be a welcome addition to the information pool.

The Members area is only accessable to subscription paying Members.  Subscriptions are as follows:

The annual subscription for commercial scale dairy, sheep and beef, drystock and deer farms is $2760 if paid in full or $3000 per annum if paid in quarterly installments.


The annual subscription for horticulture is $1840 per annum if paid in full or $2000 if paid in quarterly installments.

The annual subscription for Lifestyle blocks is $522 per annum if paid in full or $600 if paid in quarterly installments.

Click on the Register button on the top right of the home page to apply for membership.



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