The Probitas system. Ewan Campbell's five steps

Ewan Campbell reflects:

As farmers we need to be able to access all the resources we can at the least possible cost, with hopefully the best possible out come in order to produce food that is fit for purpose and to hopefully make ends meet at the end of the year. Yet the information required to do this is always tainted by the bias that arrives with every sales man or women. They always have the best silver bullet you can ever imagine. Everyone else’s silver bullet is rubbish and usually after you find that their silver bullet has miss fired they promote another better silver bullet that will fix all your problems as long as you purchase the silver bullet every year for the foreseeable future! The problems compound and you end up chasing symptoms and not the cause. This is not surprising because to find the cause we have to go a long way back to where and why the problem originally surfaced. Probably at the time the symptoms surfaced they seemed quite insignificant and gave no hint of the impending degradation that we are burdened with today.

What follows is a summary of the track I have taken to find the missing pieces of the puzzle and the impact it has had on our own farm and what is starting to happen on many others.

The first piece of the puzzle. The logic of Dr William Albrecht!
I inherently knew that the idea of addressing soil fertility with only four minerals (N.P.K. and S) was ineffective, misleading and destructive. The farm I bought was advertised as having ‘an excellent fertiliser history’ but it was biologically dead and I was hampered by poor pasture production. Desperation led me to the research of Dr William Albrecht. In the beginning William Albrecht (Professor of soils at Missouri University) built a beautiful picture of the mineral balance and structure required for healthy soils. With some guidance from someone trained in his 15 element soil balancing programme it is relatively simple to understand and follow. The Albrecht system could be put into place over a four to five year programme with exceptional results. Even when I say it is reasonably simple Albrecht authored 2000 papers on soil fertility, yet managed to get his work into a practical enough form for farmers to use. Using this system I began to bring soil biology back and started to see some nutrient recycling.

Unfortunately the massive potential offered by the Albrecht System was swamped in an ocean of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. ‘Modern’ agriculture took the soil and soil biology out of the plant nutrient equation. The modern products allowed you to supply nutrients held in highly acidic fertilisers, usually super phosphate and / or urea, directly to the plant. My farm like most of the farms in New Zealand had been subjected to years of chemical fertiliser applications.

What’s gone wrong?
Years of research and observation has revealed that the use of acidic fertilisers has destroyed the natural energy system in the soil. Silica is the major constituent of the soil’s energy system. This is well demonstrated in the function of solar panels. Silica, in the correct form and in conjunction with other minerals such as boron and phosphorus produces electricity. This energy powers the ionic solution that carries nutrients into plants. It also stimulates soil biological activity which in turn increases the availability of nutrients for healthy plants and animals.
Silica when exposed to acidic conditions bonds with aluminium or iron and loses the electrical production potential.

The second piece of the puzzle. Reinstating natures soil energy system!
I realised that the great cycle of life has evolved into a perfect interaction between the sun, the soil, soil biology, plants and plant consumers. The cycle of energy was severely impaired by the damage done to silica and, in order to reinstate the energy cycle I developed and applied Probitas soil conditioner. This technology used in conjunction with Albrecht’s soil balancing system has resulted in significant improvements in plant and animal production.

Some fish emulsion products with added biology had some interesting effects as well. Soil biological function and reproduction was stimulated and resulted in continued soil growth along with lifts in production.

The third piece of the puzzle. Sea energy!
I came to the realisation that all living things in the food chain from soil biology to humans require all the elements in the atomic table to be present to allow the expression of genetic potential. This led me to sea salt. Sea salt offers all minerals in a bio-available form in nature’s intended balance. Cyannobacteria or blue / green algae, natures most effective sequester of atmospheric nitrogen, is also offered in sea salt. The knowledge that blue/green algae is susceptible to agricultural chemicals and was therefore unlikely to be present on my farm confirmed that this was the right track. Maynard Murray wrote in ‘Sea Energy in Agriculture’ about his use of sea water and sea solids in agriculture and the amazing effects it had. It is not surprising as sea water has the same chemical composition as human blood. This is another story altogether!

At this stage we believed we had found the missing link as sea water (salts) changes the availability of nutrients especially when electricity is brought into the mix as it increased trace element uptake. This is vital for healthy soils.

Although progress was great some problems continued with animals dying for no apparent reason (referred to by Vets as ‘sudden death syndrome’) and calves still struggling to reach their potential. An encounter with John Godwin, an Isopath and Natural healer from Tauranga (NZ) started yet another journey, this time, into resonance and frequency.

The fourth piece of the puzzle. Beyond the physical world!
John has taught me that not only does everything in nature exist in the physical; it also exists in the ethereal. Everything in nature has its own unique frequency and that frequency can be detected and measured. The Theratest scanner used by John is built by the same people who build brain scanners. Using this technology we scanned our soil and our animals and found our cows were dying of 245T and DDT poisoning. This seemed unbelievable as none of these products had been used on the farm for well over twenty years! Why were they making their presence felt now?
What was just as disturbing was that I was carrying the same toxic chemicals as my farm and my animals.

SILICA is the reason these chemical residues last so long in the soil.
The modern electronic world of computers and mobile phones etc uses silica to store information. It is used as the ‘memory’. We all know how much memory can be held on a tiny silicon chip. Our soils contain approximately 400 tons of silica per hectare in the top 150mm. Our testing with the Theratest machine shows that the soil via the silica retains the memory of all the substances that have ever been applied to it. Hence the frequency resonance of all the poisons that have been applied to my soils was still held in the soils. Testing of the soil, the animals and myself showed exactly the same toxins were present in all tested samples. This demonstrated that the toxic frequencies were transported through the food chain.

To understand how bad these frequencies can be is a little difficult. We rate the frequency of a toxin as being as dangerous as the original physical poison because of the length of time it can hang around in a toxic form and because of its mobility. We know a lot of these toxic chemical products are now banned because of the damage caused by them to the human race and to nature. (The disruptive capabilities of unnatural frequencies can be easily shown using a cell phone and muscle testing. This is an excellent way to find out for yourself how much the frequencies can affect your cellular structure.)

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Why are the chemicals rearing their heads now and not in the past?

The Earths magnetic field is crashing.

Nature has only been subjected to toxic synthetic chemicals for about 80 years. The process the planet uses to deal with toxins is also used in computers. In a computer when you want to remove memory (data) from your silicon chip (hard drive) you use an electro magnetic field. In the past the earth’s magnetic field had an intensity of 4 gauss. This enabled the planet to clean up these aberrant frequencies. The earth’s magnetic field is falling and is now less than one tenth of the original 4 gauss. It is currently down below .4 of a gauss.

Compounding the problem is that not only are the toxins not being cleaned up by the natural system but every year new toxic chemicals are applied to the same environment. The concentration of toxins is rapidly expanding. With the magnetic field unable to protect our farms and ourselves we are exposed to not only the poisons in use today but all that history has left behind.

To combat these issues we utilised technology to remove these frequencies from the soil with startling results. Animal health improved remarkably and in many places on the farm production started to go ahead in leaps and bounds. Yet the parts of the farm exposed to the highest use of sprays still failed to fire as they should and there was still room for improvement on the whole farm.

The fifth piece of the puzzle. Mycelium magic!
Fungi are the link between the soil and the plant. The beneficial fungi require an aerobic soil environment. Our work with toxins showed that the presence of toxic residues, both physical and ethereal, destroys soil oxygen. The still unsatisfactory plant response and ongoing animal health problems led me to fungal mycelium.

I was given a fungal mycelium which was recommended as being good for digestion. It was being cultured in milk and could be grown easily. I was told it was having excellent effects on plants as well.

We introduced the mycelium to the stock through water troughs and the animals would spread this around the farm in their dung. The results were staggering especially in the young stock with any dirty bums cleaning up in a couple of days and a noticeable change in the health of all the livestock on the farm. Twelve months on and there is no need to keep adding to the water as this species has set into the soils and the animals are exposed to it every day through the pasture. We later found this species to be Cordyceps senensis which is revered in Chinese Medicine. Further investigation has revealed the reasons it does such a fantastic job but will take a full article just to tell that story. (Watch for this in the future)

Tom Harris from Bio Sea introduced me to the second mycelium species Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae, (VAM) which has been well studied for its effects of increasing plant growth, nutrient uptake and a host of other benefits when introduced to soils. We reintroduced this by inoculating fish emulsion and applying in early winter. Testing six weeks later showed that the soil had taken the VAM and it was reproducing quickly. Visible results were noticeable by then as well with better plant re growth and noticeably more worm casts.

In what can only be described as fate, part of our farm has exploded with another mycelium, which, as yet we have'nt been able to identify.  They became apparent last winter and by chance I saw similar fungi in Wales in an area called The Freeth. It is undeveloped land which has some grasses, heather and marshy plants. Welsh Black cattle and Mountain sheep on this country were the healthiest stock I have ever seen. The diet could not be called high quality pasture yet the stock thrived in harsh conditions. On another part of the same farm which had been developed with what you would call modern methods, no fungi was visible and the sheep showed the same degenerative signs as on any other ordinary Welsh Farm. (So much for modern agricultural practices.)

On our farm where we have all three fungal mycelium established the results are now nothing less than spectacular in so many facets. Soil activity, plant growth and animal health are better than has been seen before at any stage of development of our farm.

Testing with John Godwin is showing a huge increase in plant nutrient content, vitamin production and the ability to break down toxins. I will write a more technical update on this in the future, but needless to say I am very excited as it looks like all the work put into this property and other ‘Probitas’ farms is looking to finally complete the circle in what you can really call sustainable agriculture. There is no place for the ‘silver bullet’ salesmen here!

I call the five steps ‘The Probitas System’. All the steps play an integral part in getting to where we need to go in farming. All the steps need to be completed in order to reinstate the magic. It is not expensive and won’t take long if you get the right advice and products.

The Probitas System’s five steps to magic once again:
1. The logic of Dr William Albrecht!
2. Reinstating natures soil energy system!
3. Sea energy!
4. Beyond the physical world!
5. Mycelium magic!

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