Observations regarding the effectiveness and role of Vitus

Vitus Mineral Lick
The product was designed to amend mineral deficiencies in the diet of animals while the soil and pasture mineral balance is being addressed.  As calcium and magnesium ratios along with trace elements are bought into balance excessive availability of elements such as potash are alleviated and the animals spend less energy trying to metabolise unbalanced energy.  They require less grazing time to uptake their energy requirements. 

One of the ingredients of Vitus, Diatomaceous earth, makes a very effective and natural wormer for livestock.  Some Scientists believe that it is a de-ionizer or de-energizer of worms or parasites.  For it to be effective it needs to be fed long enough to catch all newly hatching stomach worm eggs and worms that enter the blood stream through the stomach lining and cycle through the lungs and back to the stomach.  A minimum of 60 days is suggested by many; 90 days is advised for lungworms. Diatomaceous earth has no chemical toxicity and parasites don't build up a tolerance or immunity.  The manure of animals consuming diatomaceous earth does not harm earthworms.  Clients have witnessed recently arrived horses that are started on vitus expelling dead tape worms in their manure even though they had been regularly drenched. 
Vitus is totally safe to use on pregnant animals and it also reduces overall animal stress.  It delivers better overall health, better production, shinier coats, decreased mortality, reduced incidence of scours, decreased incidence of mastitis and helps with detoxifying heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc.  The overall health and wellbeing of animals is greatly improved.
The Redmond and Dominion salts are naturally dried without any heat so their calcium content is not calcified. This is very important as when calcium is heated to high temperatures it cannot be absorbed, so usually ends up calcifying in the joints or veins of the animals.
Experience has also shown that over a period of time both milk fever and grass staggers have disappeared from stock that has had regular access to Vitus.  Clients using the product in lick troughs have been able to completely stop drenching and pasture dusting for metabolic disorders on their dairy farms.  The dolomite (23% calcium, 11% magnesium) component of the vitus plays a big part in this and it has a calming effect on animals as well.  Clients also comment that calves born to cows that have had access to Vitus are born in good health and are quickly up on their feet and suckling.
There is a growing number of horse farms using Vitus including some high profile studs. The fact that they keep reordering the product speaks for itself.  Our agents have commented that they can certainly notice the improvement in the health of clients stock after they have had access to Vitus for a few months.    
Cost of product delivered on farm is $1600.00 per ton (40x 25kg bags) exclusive of GST.  If wanting to purchase less than 1 Tonne, the cost is a delivered price of $50 per bag exclusive of GST.
If you are interested in purchasing Vitus please contact one of our agents on 0800 776 248.  To find your nearest agent click on the “Agents list” on www.ecofarm.co.nz or send an email with your contact details to our head office at probitaspaeroa@clear.net.nz and one of our agents will contact you. 

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