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“Over 30 years of conventional farming I’ve never until now come across reps who are so thorough, honest, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their field. The Probitas soil testing protocols are so much better than conventional fertiliser companies and I believe this is the future of soil fertilising in New Zealand.

For us, it’s meant better nutrient availability, improved soil moisture retention (we are very dry in summer), better pasture mix and palatability, and a marked improvement in animal health and performance (increase in conception rates for both sheep - 0.9% dry rate 2007 drought year versus normal 8% - and cattle, less worm challenge, dramatic reduction in flystrike, and notably higher semen quality measures in our seedstock bulls).

But, perhaps the biggest change is within ourselves - it has totally reinvigorat
ed our passion for farming because we feel so pro-active”.

Will & Viv McFarlane,
Waiterenui Angus, Hastings

“My production has continued to improve and in spite of a drought, my 07/08 production has exceeded last year’s. I am very happy with the progress we are making in terms of pasture and milk production.”

Brent Looney

“We’ve been using the Probitas System for around 4 or 5 years now. I was looking for someway to get out of the conventional methods of fertiliser and this one appealed – seemed like an easy way to go. We wanted to move away from using chemicals and with the Probitas System we were recommended a mineral blend. We just get someone to spread it and we monitor it.

We’ve had consistent fruiting since then, which is rare for avocado growers. My wife, Tui, used to become very allergic to some of the softer sprays and she would have to leave the orchard for about a week. This isn’t a problem anymore now that we use Probitas.”

John and Tui Neil,
Avocado Orchardist, Bay of Plenty

“There were no instant noticeable changes, although my winter crop of silver beet did grow well. Early the next spring while digging over my plot was when I started to notice the difference. There was a marked increase of worms and worm activity.

I planted out my garden as normal and waited. It didn’t take long for things to start to happen. Seed such as beans and carrots were up quickly and grew well. It was not until later in the season that I noticed white butterfly appeared in my friends’ gardens but not at mine.”

Mark Jimerson,

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